Siniša Stanic won the 2019 Manager of the Year award

Siniša Stanic, founder and CEO of Simplex, won the 2019 Manager of the Year award in the Entrepreneur of the Year category. Croatian Association of Managers and Entrepreneurs CROMA at the end of each business year rewards successful managers and entrepreneurs in the category of large, medium, small, public and foreign companies. This is another great recognition and award for Sinisa Stanic and the company "Simplex" because CROMA gives rewards based of documented income statements and real qualitative performance indicators. It is an indicator of the good business direction and development strategy of the company, which, in addition to excellent references for projects for the installation of elevators in the European markets, is building the second segment of business, which is the production of components of elevators in a modern  production hall in Slavonski Brod worth more than HRK 16 million HRK.