Elevators installation, 2018

City of Hamburg started with the new project, a Meistermeile business center in Offakamp in 2018. Simplex participates with the installation of 6 elevators with performance and loads of 2000 to 11,000 kg. With a an area of 11400 m2 for workshops and 2000 m2 for storage, the building will able to accommodate 70 small and medium-sized businesses for a cost-effective price. Large cargo lifts, sound insulation and reinforced floorboards will provide great conditions for entrepreneurs production. The Meistermeile Business Center with a good position and high quality space will be the perfect place to develop small and medium-sized companies.

bogevischs buero

6 elevators in total:

units type speed load capacity stations height
2 elevator 0,65 m/s 11000 kg 146 pers. 5 118.95 m
2 elevator 0,65 m/s 6000 kg 58 pers. 5 134.90 m
2 elevator 1 m/s 2000 kg 26 pers. 5 65.65 m