Understanding the quality of work processes, production and management as the most important factor in the competitiveness and success in the market, always and fully satisfying the requirements of the client / user, the company SIMPLEX d.o.o. strives to ensure their trust and satisfaction with the quality of its services and products and continuously improving quality at all stages of work processes and management.

The organization within its expertise of lift installation primarily involves installers and electricians, but not only, it also includes undertaking activities aimed at meeting customer requirements through employee training in terms of quality, safety at work and environmental response.

Quality is, for all employees, responsibility for continuous fulfillment of all the requirements of clients / users and all quality requirements of:
• the supplier
• the own work processes and management

We are determined to take all, that our employees be role models and to be recognized by the client (customer for service) as a person in which they have confidence that the default action will be made with top quality.
We are determined to take appropriate practical measures on prevention and continuous improvement, and to take actions to prevent incidents in the systems of quality and safety.

Through the application of the system, we are committed to meet all the applicable requirements of the standards, and to implement and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

In Slavonski Brod , 01.08.2015.
Siniša Stanić