EN ISO 9001/ISO 45001 for SIMPLEX d.o.o.
Issued by TÜV Nord

Planning, installation, modernization, handover, maintenance of elevators and transport systems.

Development, production and sale of elevator parts and special tools for elevator installation.

Valid until July, 2021

EN ISO 3834-3  for SIMPLEX d.o.o.


Manufacture of elevators, transport systems and steel structures

Valid until June 2022

Elevator inspection and testing

The main activity for which the Institute is unique and distinctive is the inspection and testing of all types of elevators based on the Ordinance on the safety of lifts (NN no. 58/10). Department of Integral control is authorized by the Ministry of Economy to perform a range of procedures from which and for prior approval to the maintainer.

According to this procedure company Simplex has received approval for the maintenance, no. O-01/2016-PD / ND, and therefore it is determined that Simplex can perform maintenance of the elevators.

Alcumus – Safe Contractor

The largest team of health and safety auditors based in the UK. The Safe Contractor certificate confirms that the company has successfully passed the audit and obtained the appropriate accreditation for successful business. It is renewed once a year.

Attestation legale

The Attestation legale platform provides easier online distribution of administrative data and documents in one place. It proves the compliance of the application documentation for the building site requirements with the legal framework. It is renewed every 3 months.


Successful application to the Actradis platform proves that all necessary official administrative documents have been collected from the supplier or contractor before contracting the work, confirming their validity and correctness. The submitted documentation has to be updated every six months.


The E-Attestations platform facilitates the monitoring of application documentation for the building site requirements and confirms its compliance with customer requirements. Data is available at any time and in one place. It is renewed every 6 months.

PQ Verein

The purpose of the PQ association is the introduction and further development of a pre-qualification system for companies in the construction industry. Facilitates contracting for clients based on guidelines for the implementation of pre-qualification of construction companies. It is renewed once a year.