With project ˝Elevators without borders˝worth 16.070.555,00 kn company Simplex, will contribute to strengthening the industry's competetiveness in the installation and production of elevators on domestic and international markets.

The purpose of project is to increase the company's competetiveness by expandind its existing capacity and diversifying production of elevator componenets and its own elevators.

This project is of utmost importance to the company as it will be able to meet the demand for products that is considerably higher than the existing production capacity. Existing buyers expressed interest in a much larger quantity of products than existing, which the company is not currently able to produce and deliver, and there is a risk of losing market share.

One of the prerequisites for further growth is diversification of products, not just an increase in the quantity of existing product groups. This requirement requires the rounding of the production cycle and the delivery of the final product for the buyers - lifts, which will be realize with this project. Of the current company machines, 50% is outdated and does not meet the default quality levels. In order to produce the products according to the required characteristics and requirements, each of the semi-finished products should be in the tolerance values of the project, and this half of the machines can’t achieve it. Problems of insufficient technological equipment and capacity that lead to unsatisfactory quality levels, insufficient quantities of existing products and the lack of individual products in the product range of enterprises preclude the growth of production and thereby increase sales revenue and export revenues.

Investing in new machines and equipment will bring not only the expansion of production capacities but also the raising of the degree of technological equipment in terms of increasing the quality of material processing, the efficiency of production processes, the shortening of the time required for the entire production process, and the respect of defined delivery terms by reducing the time and cost of production. This investment will reorganize the existing production processes and initiate the production of new product groups, resulting in the introduction into production of 6 new product groups and by completing the production cycle.

In order to increase the presence and recognition of the company Simplex on the domestic and international market, there are planned investments in promotional activities and participation in two international fairs, where besides the existing ones, new products will be introduced.

Given the expansion of existing capacities and diversification of products and the introduction of new technologies, it is necessary to improve the employees who continually monitor the development of the company and with its innovative approach to move the boundaries in assembly and production of elevators in the international market.

Expanding the capacity, diversifying the production of a business unit and enhancing the technological level, increasing employee competences in the elevator manufacturing segment and increasing the company's presence and recognizable on the international market will increase the company's competitiveness.

Ultimately, the realization of the project will enable the company to retain existing jobs and further recruitment of 20 employees, a 23% increase in sales revenue and 22% increase in revenues compared to the base year 2015. Above mentioned indicators show the economic and social impact in the Republic of Croatia.



Simplex from Slavonski Brod is one of the companies that withdrew the grants from the European Regional Development Fund thanks to E-impulse project. Simplex has applied project "CNC engraving" through the competition in July 2016 by the Ministry of economy, entrepreneurship and crafts.The company, with the intention of encouraging investment and capacity expansion in manufacturing and manufacturing services, has achieved the highest individual grant amount for 300,000.00 kn for entrepreneurs. Through the project worth a total of 674,500.00 kn, the company completed the production facility with two new valuable machines.

It is a CNC laser engraving machine and a CNC portal engraving machine.

Simplex directly invests in the supply of highly sophisticated equipment whose performance and precision can respond to all customer requirements in that material processing segment. The purchase of two new machines is way to the complete equipment of the manufacturing plant in order to meet the latest standard Simplex in the segment manufacturing elevator parts. The project is implemented from December 1st 2017 to July 1st  2018.