The Prima Power enables eco-friendly, fast, accurate and efficient servo-electric bending solutions for maximised cost efficiency.


  • High repeating accuracy thanks to O-frame construction, servo-electric drives and sophisticated tooling system
  • Prima Electro Open Control – 2D graphical on-line programming and 3D visualization for Auto-Pol off-line programs
  • Pulley-belt system actuated by Prima Electro servo-drives distributes the bending force over the whole bending length
  • No throat limitations for long parts (typical of C-frame structure)
  • Energy efficiency with servo-electric bending which means 50% lower energy consumption than hydraulic brakes on average · 30% shorter cycle

Technical Data

Manufacturer Type Press force Thickness Measurement System Bending length
Prima Power eP-Brake – eP-0520 550kN Yes 2100mm