Elevators installation, 2018-in progress

A new Simplex project in the center of London. We are installing 8 "Mid-Rise", 4 "High-Rise" and 2 "Shuttle" elevators in one of the tallest business buildings in the 62-storey British capital, with a height of 278 meters, which also has the two highest lifts in Europe. After the construction and completion of the project, it will be the second tallest skyscraper in London with a work space for 12,000 people. The specialty of this building will be the installation of the first "climbing window" in the world where adventurous adrenaline fans will be able to climb into the skyscraper wall, 125 meters above ground, the project being developed by AXA IM Real Assets and Lipton Rogers Developments.

River CGI
River CGI

22 elevators in total:

units type speed load capacity stations height
8 DD elevator 5 m/s 2x2000 kg 26 pers. 21 109 m
8  DD elevator  8 m/s 2x2000 kg 26 pers. 20 176 m
4 elevator  8 m/s 2500 kg 26 pers. 59 246 m 
1 elevator 8 m/s 2500 kg 33 pers. 2  261 m  
1 elevator 8 m/s 2500 kg 33 pers. 63  270 m