The Gioia 20 Towers are a pair of multi-purpose towers that will add to the vibrant Porta Nuova region in Italy. The project comprises two towers named Gioia East Tower and the Gioia West Tower and it will be built to the greatest standards to provide residents with flexibility and comfort. It will feature a twin lift comprising two distinct cabins running in the same shaft resulting in shorter wait times and more efficiency. It is the first time such a lift is being utilised in an Italian project. The 65m-high Gioia West Tower will have 14 floors above ground and three basement levels. The Gioia Est tower with 24 floors and four subterranean levels will be 98m high. Simplex Team will install a total of 15 elevators, of which 6 are Twin elevators.

Unit Type Speed Load Stations Height
 2 TWIN  5-4 m/s  1800 kg  22 91,54m
4 TWIN 5-4 m/s 1800 kg 21 88,1m
1 Firefighter 2,5 m/s 3000 kg 45 109 m
2 EVO300 1 m/s 1250 kg 4 10,9 m
1 Firefighter 2,5 m/s 3000 kg 18 72,19 m
2 EVO300 1,6 m/s 900 kg 14 57,75m
2 EVO300 1,6 m/s 900 kg 13 51,63 m
1 EVO200 1 1600 KG 2 9,29 m