8 elevators in total: 

Unit Type Speed Load Stations Height
4 Elevator  6 m/s 1800   21  132 m
2 Elevator 6 m/s 1800 25 141 m
1 Elevator 6 m/s 1800 48 154 m
1 FW Elevator 3 m/s 1800 49 159 m




Restructuring rather than destroying: a strong message at the heart of Paris La Défense. A new major redevelopment project is a makeover of the Adria Tower which is transformed into the Hopen Tower.

The result is a new, more modern appearance. The gray granite front will give way to a glass cover. The tower will be extended by three floors and gain extensions on the lower floors, which will be occupied by patios, terraces and gardens. Hopen Tower will therefore become a true destination, combining restaurants, shops, services and culture. At the top of the tower, the other flagship space of the whole: a restaurant open to the horizon, welcomes the general public and offers a unique view of Paris La Défense and the Greater West of Paris at a height of 150 meters. Simplex team is in charge of installing 8 Skyrise elevators with a load capacity of 1800kg from 21 - 48 floors.

Partner: OTIS