The TruPunch 3000 allows for excellent quality and highly
cost-effective products


  • Punching in three dimensions
  • Saves material using innovative skeleton-free processing
  • Electric punching head and an average power input of 5.6 kW for maximized energy efficiency · Highest level of processing flexibility using 360° tool rotation with Multitool heads and the largest tool range (roller beading tool, MultiCut tool, cup tool, roller offsetting tool, …)
  • High level of automation using The SheetMaster loading and unloading unit
  • Using TruTops Boost – software solution for programming punch machine which combines all processing steps (from the geometry to the completed NC program) to respond quickly and accurately to your requirements

Technical Data

Manufacturer Type Working area Punch force Max sheet thickness Max workpiece weight Tool rotation No. of tools (magazine) single/multi Tool changing time single/multi Positioning accuracy
Trumpf TruPunch 3000 S11 3000×1500mm 180kN 6,4mm 230kg 360° 21/210 3/0,3s ± 0,1mm