Elevators installation, 2017-2018

A total of 9 elevators have been installed by a professional Simplex team in the new architectural pearl of French Marseille. La Marseilaise tower, 135 meters high, in the new business district of Euroméditerranée, is the largest urban renewal project in this part of Europe. The tower was named after the French anthem, and the project was developing for 16 years. After three and a half years of construction, it is estimated that the construction of the tower cost 200 million euros. The tower was designed by architect Jean Nouvel, and in his concept the concrete façade of the building is painted in 27 shades of blue, white and red color.


9 elevators in total:

units type speed load stations
4 elevator 4 m/s 1600 kg 14
4  elevator  7 m/s 1600 kg 16
1 elevator  7 m/s 1600 kg 31