Elevators installation, 2018-2020

From november 2018 till summer 2020 our team has completed the elevators installation in the new skyscraper Alto Tower in the Paris business district of La Défense. In 150 meters high building with 38 floors and 51 000 square meters we installed 8 elevators with 37 and 39 stops. Designed by IF Architectes and developed by Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, the bell-shaped tower is integrated into the urban framework of Paris. The building's flared crown and glassy facade look complement the modern office towers of the area.

IF Architectes
IF Architectes
IF Architectes

8 elevators in total:

unit type speed load stations height
7  elevator 6 m/s 1600 kg 37 140 m
1  elevator 6 m/s 1600 kg 39 146 m