Elevator Installation


In 2022 Simplex got the honour of installing 11 elevators at Four Frankfurt. Four also known as Four Frankfurt is a major mixed- use skyscraper project in Frankfurt consisting of a complex of four skyscrapers under construction. It is located in the area known as the Deutsche Bank triangle in the Innenstadt borough. The tallest skyscraper will have a height of 233 metres (764 ft), making it both Franfurt and Germanys both  third-tallest building upon its estimated completion in 2023.

UNStudio / HPP Architects
UNStudio / HPP Architects

11 elevators in total: 

 unit  type speed load stations height
 8 elevator      7 m/s 2000 kg  49 219,64m
 1 elevator  3.5 m/s 3500 kg  60 238,8  m
 1 elevator     7 m/s  2000 kg   53 231,72 m 
 1 elevator      7 m/s  2000 kg   58  231,72 m