Elevators installation, 2020 - in progress

We contracted another elevator installation project in Berlin. The Simplex is installing 11 high-rise elevators in the Park Inn Hotel, the second-largest hotel complex in Germany and the tallest in Berlin. We are installing elevators with 18 and 21 floors and also high-rise elevators with 38 floors, a speed of 2 meters per second and transport capacity of 26 people. The Park Inn hotel on Alexanderplatz in Berlin was built in 1970 and has undergone several stages of modernization so far. Today, it has the capacity of 1012 rooms located on the 41st floor of the building with a panoramic terrace overlooking the city and the famous 368 meters high TV tower in Berlin in which our company installed 2 high-rise elevators in 2014.
Simplex d.o.o.

11 elevators in total: 

 unit type   speed  load stations height
4 elevator 4 m/s 1350 kg 18 59 m
4  elevator  6 m/s 1350 kg 21  108 m
3  elevator  2 m/s  2000 kg  38 112 m